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Questions 25 to 28 are based on the following passage :

There are robots all around us, Some do very complicated jobs like flying airplanes and driving subway trains。 And some do a simple job.

When an automatic washing machine is switched on,water pours in. Themachine waits until the water is hot before washing the clothes. It does this by“feedback.”Information about What is happening is“feedback”into the robot to te11 it what to do next.

Our eyes, ears and other senses are our feedback. They tell us whatis going on around us. So robots are like people in two ways,They work and they have feedback.

There are robots all around, making our lives easier. Some of them,like the pocket calculator, can work much more quick1y than human beingscan. And they rarely make mistakes.

In some ways robots are better than people. They work quick1y, but do not make mistakes, They do not get bored doing the same job over and over again。 And they never get tired.

Robots are very useful in factories. They can be taught to do many different jobs. First their electronic brains must be shown how the job is done. A person moves the robot’s“arm” and“hand”through each part of the job. The robot’s brain remembers each move。 When the robot is put to work on its own, its brain controls the rods, wheels and motors which move its arm.

When the robot is needed for a new job, its electronic memory is“wiped

 clean.”Then it is taught how to do its new task.

If the robot’s hand stops working, or if something gets in the way, it cannot do the next part of the job.So it stops and signals for help,Then a human engineer repairs it.

The most“intelligent”robots can move and see. Their eyes are cameras. Their metal fingers can feel shapes and even find out how hot and cold objects are. These robots have computer brains,linked to their eyes and fingers, which control their actions.

25.In this story the author tells us that______________.

A. there are vervfewrO6ots

B. we see robots only at certain tines

C. robot5are something new in our life

D. ro6ots are all around us

26.In this story we are told that____________.

A. we get feedback through our eyes and ears

B. we get feedback through the robots

C. only robots get feedback

D. robots are not intelligent because of the feedback

27.What does the author of this story want you to feel about robots?

A. They will probab1y take over in the future.

B. They are very helpful and useful to humans.

C. They are machines that are often out of order.

D. They are not friends of human beings.

28.Since people like what robots do, what do you think this means for the future?

A,More and better robots will be built .

B. People will stop making robots.

C. There will be laws against using robots.

D. Robots will benefit nobody.